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Here we'll list events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months. We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.


Fall and Winter Thin Blue Line newsletter

Flags of Remembrance ceremony will be held this Saturday November 24 2018, at 1400 hours at Branch 138 Ashby Legion. The Flag and Plaque will be presented to our chapter at this time. Please attend if you are able.

Next chapter meeting will be on Saturday December 1, 2018 1000hrs at Branch 12 Legion on Dorchester Street.
2019 dues are being collected. 

Time for nominations for our chapter executive positions fellas.....we are looking for a Vice President. It will be a 2 year term. In the meantime Bill Timbury will fill the position TEMPORARILY!!!

Also, if there are any special events going on that our chapter could be involved in or attending, please let us know!!








Flags of Remembrance 2018
Chapter President Jack Griffin accepts flag from David Piercey.

Church service in Marion Bridge NS.
Blue Berets: Left-Don Gardiner. Right- Moe Dickson.

Just a reminder, if any CAVUNP members (family included) are ill and/or in hospital please inform a chapter member. We are concerned and would like to send get well wishes, but if we are unaware of your condition we cannot respond. Thank you.